Why We Serve

U-Nique Purpose, Inc., only reason for serving, is to eliminate child abuse and/or neglect in all families, communities, and/or different systems. “We will Dismantle these degrading pipelines! 

U-Nique Purpose, Inc. mission is to provide hands-on opportunities for at-risk youth, especially those aging out of foster care, to develop a healthy sense of Self, identify with a career, and build a healthy social circle!

“Stranger Danger” means nothing to  youth in foster care. Many times youth in PMC have lived in a minimum of 5 different placements. Although they are very resilient, many don’t have any idea of who they should be. Their norm is rejection. Data states, within two years of leaving care over 50% become incarcerated, pregnant, and/or homeless.



Who are these youth and children….According to the data African American children were much more likely than Anglo or Hispanic children to be reported as victims of child abuse or neglect and are removed from their families at more than twice the rate of the general population. Confirmed studies show African Americans are no more likely to abuse their children than any other race.  African American children comprised 11.6% of the general child population of Texas but accounted for almost 28.0% of all children awaiting adoption.

Although, Child Protective Services is committed to eliminating these disparities, children are still being harmed.

Let’s change this together, call us 214-489-7784.



U-Nique Purpose, Inc. is a registered faith based (501(c)(3)) non-profit organization

Ms. Dyamond telling her story, and thanking her Foster Mom!! Thanks Dyamond.